Every time I think of Hoi An, my first feeling I have is about the impression of a peaceful land. The antique beauty, the simple and the intimate of Hoi An always attract visitors.

And today CANH DONG BAT TAN would like to bring you a romantic love story which is as rustic and poetic as the beauty inside Hoi An. It’s the story of our Italian couple.

During their journey through every country in the world, they stopped at Hoi An – the land they are both eager to come once in their lifetime, then the man decided to make a romantic marriage proposal that absolutely gave his beloved a big surprise.
In the private party just 2 people with the wedding ring and the glasses of wine in their hands, they vowed the vow to love and to cherish until they are parted by death together.

For them, love does not need such a big or showy thing. It’s just simply their deep feelings for each other. Their faces were really being lighted up by happiness and contentment while they were taking the photos together. I suppose that this moment is the most beauteous moment that I’ve ever captured.

Wishing you two an abundance of love and happiness.

From Canh Dong Bat Tan with Love