Do you trust destiny? I don’t
I never rely on some kind of love stories :” Someone was born intended for someone else “ or it’s unbelievable to believe that there is a romantic story could happen by a chance on a flight.
I never believe until it happened and luckily I heard that from two insiders. Their rencounter on that flight as a milestone marked their long- last relationship – Hwan&Nhu – two people come from 2 different countries .
No doubt that there is certainly a love string helps them to have a strong attachment for each other when Nhu had awared Hwan is younger brother of her best classmate, in that day, Hwan brought meal for his brother and he met Nhu again…
They were predestine to meet each other and it’s not hard for both of them to realize that they were born for each other.
Ofcourse now, if someone asked me whether I trusted in destiny and I do.
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