Jeannette & Tom’s wedding
Jeannette is a Vietnamese- Australian bride with the charming smile and beautiful face. Tom is a Hawaiian groom with the lofty stature and manly features. There are a lot of extremely special things and interesting traditional Hawaiian cultures in their wedding. Tom and Jeannette exchanged their Hawaiian flower Lei- a symbol of love and respect as a common way of symbolizing their love and affection for one another. Lei had the same significance as a wedding ring, signifying an unbroken circle of everlasting commitment and devotion to each other. In addition, Tom’s mom and relatives wearing Aloha costumes – dresses with traditional Hawaiian floral prints performed the brilliant money dances. Guests were all very excited, they danced, sang rap music, hiphop moves from the beginning to the end of the wedding reception. Specially, near the end of wedding party, Jeannette disappeared a while and came back with performing a Hula along with Tom’s sisters. Jeannette asked Tom’s sisters’s to teach her Dance of Hula, she practiced many times in the secret because she wanted to make Tom surprise. Tom was totally attracted by her moving hands, feet and the swirling hips. We were particularly impressed by their friends and family’s sentiments towards them. What a beautiful wedding and great emotional moments !.
We would like to thank you so much, Tom & Jeannette, for choosing Canh Dong Bat Tan Studio.
Thanks a lot for your enthusiastic support, the lovely team – The Planners

Fotographers by CANH DONG BAT TAN Studio
Planner  The Planners Da Nang
Venue  The intercontinental Resort