Wedding in HAWAII – Johnson Vivien
Aloha means more than just ” hello”, it expresses friendly and welcoming attitude of Hawaiian. Besides, Hawaii has more breathtaking scenic beauty than almost anywhere else in the world, from its crystal-clear blue ocean waters to tall mountain peaks and crashing waterfalls. Therefore, Johnson & Vivien, our lovely couple, decided that Hawaii would be the best option for their wonderful wedding in paradise. The specific characteristic in their Hawaii Wedding is Lei exchange ceremony, a beautiful island tradition held during their wedding ceremony and led by the priest. Johnson & Vivien exchanged Leis as a symbol of their love and commitment together, and it was also the perfect way to say they love, honor each other and can’t wait to spend the rest of their life together. Their family and friends looked at them in silence, all smiling, clearly happy to witness their happy moments.
All of family and best friends had to arrange time to fly from LA to Hawaii for congratulating Johnson & Vivien. They had a wonderful wedding bursting with joy, happiness and laughter. What a sweet and emotional wedding !
We would like to thank you so much, Tom & Jeannette, for choosing Canh Dong Bat Tan Studio. May the love and happiness you feel today shine through the years.