About 5 months ago, we had a chance to do the pre-wedding photo shoot for Mark & Ruby. At that time, we’re all impressed by their beautiful love. 
Then, we’re glad that they reall liked their pre-wedding photos. 
And it’s a great honor when we’ve got the message from Mark & Ruby saying that they would choose us to execute both videos and photos journal in their wedding ceremony. They place all of their faith in us, the faith that we would capture all priceless moments in wedding ceremony for them. 
We have to say that this is one of the most touching wedding ceremony we’ve ever joined. We have found and saved lots of beautiful photos and precious moments of Mark & Ruby also their friends and families, in particular Mark’s sentiment for Ruby. 
Mark prepared precisely all to ensure that everything in ceremony would be perfect most. He even practiced his dance for Ruby again and again with his friends before the ceremony took place. And the moment Mark sang a song for Ruby but couldn’t take his eyes off her, the moment Mark said that he loved Ruby since she was the best thing happening in his life, the moment they vowed their wedding wows, the moment Ruby said that the only thing she believed in is them, those actually touched everyone who was at the ceremony that day. 
For us, from the bottom of our hearts, we wish you two a lifetime of happiness. Be priceless and courageous for each other’s endless love! Happy wedding, Mark & Ruby!