SECRET PROPOSAL of the most famous tattoo artist in America with a huge follower on Instagram.
There is no wonder that every woman’s dream is to be proposed in a romantic place at a special moment. Mr Nha & Ms Lien had a very long time to love each other, live together and the result of their love is two little angels. However, he has been anxious about still having not given my wife, mother of his two lovely children, an official marriage proposal. So, on the occasion of returning to the hometown for vacation, with the help of all family members, everything was planned, arranged and prepared carefully, secretly as Mr Nha wanted. Ms Lien ’s beautiful sisters invited her to go to the Spa. Meanwhile, Mr Nha and his brother had a day of preparing, go to the barber shop, go to the morning market to buy flowers, ribbon and accessories to make a beautiful bouquet and wrap the ring his own way. Their children were so exciting to help their daddy to write what he ‘d like to say to their mum. Then everything went smoothly, perfectly and emotionally. Ms Lien was really surprised and happy with what her husband, children and family did. Canhdong were also nervous, happy when witnessing and capturing their meaningful moments. Canhdong believe that Ms Lien, Mr Nha and their children will remember that moment for the entire life and smile every time when they remembers those feelings. Thank you very much for trusting absolutely in Canhdong to take photos and video for your unforgettable moments. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together.
“We can travel to everywhere in the world”

Fotographers by CANH DONG BAT TAN Studio
Makeup by CANH DONG BAT TAN Studio