What is the most beautiful time to shoot a pre wedding photo in US/Canada?
It’s no exaggeration to say that Autumn is the most beautiful season of the year in the US and Canada. In the sunshine as golden as honey, the scenes appearing before my eyes were so stunning enough that everyone who honestly loves beauty and nature like me would be overwhelmed for sure. Imagine that there was a whole wide area was filled with yellow and reddish tints of the roadside trees, the park and the forest along the roads I’ve driven through. Everything seemed to be worn a new charming brilliant appearance. It was the most marvelous scenery I’ve ever seen. What’s a pity if being missed a chance to see and immerse yourself in that magical landscape. Therefore, CANH DONG BAT TAN Studio is performing an autumn-themed pre wedding photo shoot trip throughout the US and Canada from October 1st to October 31st, 2018 and May 20th, 2019

 In particular, the couples who set schedule at this time will be exempted from Air Tickets Fare from Vietnam to US of our working team.
Do not miss this opportunity to have the highest class pre wedding album because working with you is a funny and nice photographer also the driver for this trip, yay, it’s me! 
“The most memorable experience of life awaits you ahead.”