The Lue’s Family in Maui-Hawaii

“My in-laws are joined at the hip kind of people. They go to the gym together everyday – twice a day, he takes her to get her hair cut, dentist appointments, grocery shopping, lunches and dinners with us, they’ve traveled the world together. We hardly ever saw one without the other. When we took our family photos during our Maui vacation, I got to see clearly just how much she still looks up to and admire the man she’s spent 50 years with. Love the powerful energy she gives that she’s a solid, elegant woman. I can just imagine how cute they were together at our age. We’re all so lucky to have them as parents and they continue to be our best example of loving parents and version of a happily married couple. BIG BIG THANK to my wonderful bro Vũ Chí Linh, sis Mai Kha, and the entire team at Canh Dong Bat Tan Studio for these priceless photos that we will forever treasure for generations to come. They take me right back to that moment at Ironwoods Beach and beautiful time in Maui with our family when I look at them. 💕 🗺”
From @Vivienne Y.Nguyen – their daughter in law with love
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